Hello to all poutine lovers of the earth! I’m writing to you from the gorgeous island of Sri Lanka. I’m here vacationing, getting away from the Canadian winter blues during the holiday season.

As a serious poutine lover, ever since I arrived in Colombo I’ve been seeking out whether or not poutine exists in this island nation. After many leads, I can positively say that poutine as we know it DOES NOT exist in Sri Lanka. That’s a hard fact that cannot be disputed, folks.

But not all is lost, carb lovers. Even though poutine isn’t found here there is a sort of Sri Lankan poutine,  a sort of Sub continent reincarnation of poutine.

I present to you the KOTTU!

Made with chopped up homemade bread ( instead of potatoes),  cheese  (of the Laughing Cow variety) and a spicy meat gravy, the resemblance is striking. Just like poutine there are countless ways you can personalize your Kottu: Fried chicken can be added, vegetables, water buffalo meat, eggs…

On my first day in Sri Lanka we went out and tried Kottu. I have to say that compared to poutine it just can’t compete. No contest. But for a seasoned poutine lover like myself, I have to say that it does quench, to a certain degree, the poutine cravings that all Québécois travellers experience when they are on the other side of the world.

The question is: How long can these cravings be pushed back and ignored before insanity sets in?