My hunt for poutine all around the world continues. I am now in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a place that enjoys a well deserved reputation for very good food. I know this city quite well having spent quite some time here in the past. From my recollection no poutines could be found in the confinements of this town the last time that I were here, 5 years ago.

After just a few google searches I realize that things have changed. There is poutine here now!

I decided to head over right away and give it a try. The first thing I noticed when I got there is that this restaurant isn’t really the typical kind of place that would serve poutine back home.  The restaurant in question is a ‘healthy garden café’ serving fresh fruit juices, paninis with hummus, and all kinds of health boosting choices.

Baffled  by the concept I open the menu to see if indeed there is poutine to be found here. Rummaging through the thick cardboard menu I found the item in question on the very last page; Canadian poutine!

Me and my poutine eating partner (a.k.a. my girlfriend) decide that it might be wise to just share one to begin with.

A few minutes later the poutine arrived, brought in by a smiley Thai waitress.

At first glance things don’t look all that bad: Thin crispy fries, onion scented gravy and, here’s where the problem arises, melted processed white Kraft cheese singles.WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALAMITY!!

I have to remind myself that it’s already a miracle that I’m sitting in front of a poutine in Chiang Mai. We dig in.

Mmmmmmm! Right away there’s a nice feeling of home that rushes over me. Nothing tastes as good as nostalgia. NOTHING! The poutine is average at best but it’s still very much enjoyable. In Québec I would send it back to the cook and give him an earful but here I’m content.  It is one of the worst poutines we’ve ever eaten but we’re still bloody happy.

After polishing off the meal we chat with the waitress and learn that the idea to put poutine on the menu came from the ex owner, a Californian man.

A Québécois eating poutine in Thailand because of someone from California!

The power of globalization never seizes to amaze me!

Next off big, bad Bangkok!