Second Thai stop in my global quest for exotic poutine;Bangkok!

Like a lot of you already know, poutinewar certainly doesn’t have the scoop on this story, Bruno Blanchet (a famous Québécois comedian) started a poutine stand on the streets ofBangkok.

I have to admit that I was fairly sceptic about the quality of the poutine of this place. My expectations were very low and I must say that I wasn’t very excited at the prospect of eating a poutine inBangkok. The one in Chiang Mai was quite disappointed when I look back. The temperature in the Thai capital doesn’t make one exactly crave French fries, cheese and gravy. Also, I’m what I would consider a big Thai food fan. To use up one of my meal to eat what would probably be a nasty poutine, was not an exciting prospect for me.

But what can you do. As an official poutinewar blogger, I had little choice in the matter.

Without much enthusiasm I hopped in a taxi, direction poutine stand.

The poutine stand is found in the very touristy neighbourhood of Banglamphu, infamous for the crazyKho San Road. For the ones who haven’t had the chance to visitBangkok,Kho San Roadis probably the most backpacker place in the world. This is the holy land, theMeccaof backpackers from all around the world.  The place is packed with drunkards, shirtless sun burned tourists, cheap t-shirt stands, people trying to sell you fake university diplomas, dodgy tattoo parlours…

Capitalising on its fantastic geographical position, Onisha’s stand (Bruno’s girlfriend who runs the place) is already very busy when we arrive. A bunch of young Québécois fromAlmaare in deep conversations about which poutine they should get. Onisha offers 3 types: Normal, with hot-dogs and Schnitzel.

We order a regular one. The dudes fromAlmago for a Schnitzel one; Bold move.

First nice surprise, everything seems to be homemade. The potatoes are cut when an order is placed. Nice touch!

After waiting a few minutes our poutine arrives. On Onisha’s recommendation we smother it with pepper. Thai’s love spiciness and poutine gets the same peppery treatment as everything else.

On first impression this thing is damn good ! Hot damn, she was right about the pepper. It really brought it alive.

The cheese is the only low point on the poutine. Its hard to blame them though, being next to impossible to find quality cheese inAsia.

If you find yourself in Bangkok and really want a poutine, this place will do the trick. It’s not the best one I’ve ever had but it’s a decent poutine made with care and love. And it’s really a nice feeling to be eating a poutine, drinking a cold beer and having tuk-tuks whizzing past you.