Frequently asked questions

What’s poutine?

It is a succulent dish from Québec, made from fries, cheese and ‘’brown sauce’’. Truly delish!

What’s poutinewar?

It’s a website that has for his primary goal to determine who makes the best poutine of every city, region and soon, provinces. The rankings are based on the evaluations given by our users. Direct democracy put to good use!

On top of the rankings, the website has a plethora of other goodies; Acomic strip describing the different theories on the birth of poutine; A poutine art section where artists can express their love for poutine without inhibitions; A map showing precisely where poutine can be found across the globe; And a poutine critique section where you can read or submit professional reviews of poutine restaurants.

Where are the restaurants on your website?

You can find all the restaurants that are listed on our website under the ‘’poutinerie’’ tab.

How come my favourite poutine restaurant isn’t on your site!?!

Because nobody has added it to our website yet. For that to happen simply click on the ‘’add a poutinerie’’ tab and follow the simple instructions. Easy peasy!

When is this thing over anyways? is a permanent site. As long as poutine exists, will be there.

Yo a poutine with foie gras, lobster and gnocchis ain’t a real poutine!!

We respectfully disagree with that opinion. For us it is a real poutine. Without ever turning our backs to the traditional poutine, wants to encourage innovative chefs that are bringing poutine to the next level.

I love poutine and I love writing. How can I fuse these two passions of mine?

Very easy! Find the ‘’poutine critique’’ tab. Click on it! Then once you’re in that section click on ‘’submit your own critique’’.

I am an artist who’s totally crazy about poutine. What can I do!!

First of all do not panic. You are not alone with this affliction. You can send us your masterpieces at Once we’ve approved the artwork, wee will then gladly showcase them in our poutine art section.

Yo buddy, your search bar doesn’t work!

No it works just fine. You just need to spell out the restaurant that you are looking for perfectly. If this still isn’t working, and you are about to tear your hair out of your scalp, click on the poutineries tab, where our entire list of restaurant can easily be found divided into regions.

Looking at your site makes me hungry!!

It’s normal.

How can I get a hold of you?

Who’s behind this whole operation?

Patrick Ménard, Guillaume Lozeau, Stéphane Lam, Micah Lockhart, Daniel Roch-Lefebvre.

Hey there’s awesome poutine outside of Québec too! What’s going on?!?!

We know it. We’re coming.

What’s next?

Loads!! Recipes, videos, events, new ranking system…stay tuned, the best is yet to come!