La Friterie de la Vallée de St-Sauveur

269, rue principale St-Sauveur, (450) 744-0166

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La Friterie de la Vallée de St-Sauveur is rated 100 % 1 rating


”La Friterie de la Vallée de St-Sauveur” is a fast food restaurant that has developped a concept based on fresh produce and homecooking. All of our reciupes are originals and we use nothing that has been frozen. Our french fries are crispy and the hot dogs are made with 100% beef. Who else can claim to be making home made pogos ?

We garantee to our clients that everything is fried in 100% canola oil of very high quality. No GMO or trans fats. Kid menu is available and the huge parking lot will make it very easy for you to get here.

We have seasonal offerings during the summer time with Coaticook Ice cream. soft ice cream from Natrel and slushes.

Oh yeah and our poutines are unbelievable !